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Hi!☺ Tofu-Fa ❀


The design language of "Tofu65" typically involves simplicity, modernity, and functionality. It may adopt a compact design with a 65% layout, preserving essential letter and function keys while excluding the number pad. The appearance of the keyboard might be uniform and streamlined, emphasizing a minimalist aesthetic. Material choice and surface treatment are likely considerations, often featuring a metal casing with color options and surface finishes to cater to users seeking a high-quality look.

"Tofu65" is generally positioned as a high-performance, highly customizable mechanical keyboard. Its users are often keyboard enthusiasts, mechanical keyboard DIY enthusiasts, and professional users with specific requirements for keyboard quality and functionality. The keyboard may offer advanced features such as programmable keys, RGB backlighting, hot-swappable switches, etc., to meet users' personalized needs.

Originally introduced by the keyboard manufacturer KBDfans, "Tofu65" is part of their product lineup. KBDfans is a renowned keyboard retailer known for providing high-quality mechanical keyboard parts and accessories. "Tofu65" likely emerged to meet the demand for customizable keyboards within the enthusiast community.

This model may have gained positive recognition within the keyboard community, receiving praise from users. It could become a preferred choice for users seeking a high-quality, highly customizable keyboard.


Two Versions of Cases Available

This time, we offer two versions of the casing. One includes a bottom weight, and you can choose from three different processes for the weight.
The other version does not include any weight. There's always one that suits your needs.



"Multicolor Anodizing and Electrostatic Coating Surface Treatment Process"

This time, we offer eight colors, including purple, silver, black, gray-gold, Burgundy, and green, which undergo anodizing with delicate sandblasting.
The green color features a refined electrostatic custom coating process, showcasing high saturation and exquisite craftsmanship

Colored weights

Using custom tools to craft this extraordinary and unique keyboard weight, three different manufacturing processes were employed.
Each weight bar requires over 1 hour of manual labor, and each one possesses a distinct and unique texture.
The texture and color on the surface of the weight bar are random and cannot be guaranteed to be consistent.

Patina green finished brass weight bar

Stainless steel weight bar

Patina brown finished brass weight bar


There are four material options available.


1.6 mm thickness PCB with daugtherboard
ANSI hot-swap/ISO hot-swap and Solder PCB


This time, although a foam kit is included in the standard configuration, you can choose to install it or not based on your preferences.

This keyboard uses O-ring (50a) to provide a softer landing for keycaps, reducing keypress noise and impact.


Case: Weight or Clean

  • Case Colors: eight colors (purple, silver, black, gray-gold, Burgundy and green which undergo anodizing with delicate sandblasting)
    The green color features a refined electrostatic custom coating process, showcasing high saturation and exquisite craftsmanship
  • Plate: PC/ Aluminum/ FR4/ Carbon fiber plate
  • PCB: 1.6 mm hot-swap (ANSI/ISO) PCB/ solder PCB, without Per-key RGB, only with caps lock key led indicator
  • Weight bar: Stainless steel weight bar/Patina green finished brass weight bar/Patina brown finished brass weight bar
  • Structure: O-ring (50a)
  • Weight: case around 0.7 kg, stainless steel weight bar around 445g, brass weight bar around 470g
  • Typing angle: 9°
  • Design by KBDfans
  • Made in China
Friendly reminder: We recommend using clip-in stabilizers for the best build results. Screw-in stabilizers may encounter interference issues.
The $5 discount code (LOVEKBDFANS) is not valid for the Tofu Fa.


Expected to be shipped after three months once the order placed

R1 prototype approved (2023-10-5)


Price list


Price $22 includes below items:

Case x1
O-ring (50a) x1
Rubber feet x1 set

Price $42 includes below items:
Case x1
O-ring (50a) x1
Rubber feet x1 set
Stainless steel weight bar x1

Price $62 includes below items:
Case x1
O-ring (50a) x1
Rubber feet x1 set
Brass weight bar x1

This kit does not include but requires the following items for a complete assembly. Please add these items individually to your cart along with the kit:
PCB + Foam kit x1 (PCB x 1, Case foam x1, PCB foam x1, EVA switch pad x1)
Plate x1


What is purpose of using O-ring (50a)?

Designed to offer a soft cushioning effect upon key presses, it effectively dampens impact, delivering a quieter and softer typing experience.

Dose the keyboard kit includes keycaps?

No, it does not include keycaps and switches; these need to be purchased separately.

When will my order ship?

The shipping time still needs to be confirmed and updated. Once the order is shipped, you will be notified of the tracking number through an automated system email.

What is your refund & return policy?

Return requests can be accepted within SEVEN days after the product has been delivered. You are responsible for paying the cost to ship a return. The shipping cost will not be reimbursed.