Weekin Y-40 Solderable DIY KIT

SKU: DP5415
by Weekin


The entire board needs to be self-assembled based on the steps and accessories stated in the provided tutorial. After assembly and soldering, the product will not be covered by warranty. Please also note that additional accessories will not be provided by KBDfans but (besides the plate and acrylic parts) can be sourced from 3rd parties.


  • A total of 33 parts need to be assembled or soldered, please refer to Y-40 Soldering Tutorial for details
  • PCB: ATMEGA32U4 microcontroller, hot-swappable sockets, with per-key RGB, integrates OLED screen and solenoid valve, Type-C, supports VIA/QMK
  • Plate: FR4 material
  • Knob: Compatible with Inline and Horizontal Knobs
  • Solenoid valve: The impact produces a sound, the purpose is to simulate the sound of a vintage typewriter, and can adjust the impact mode or close

Friendly reminder

  • Because the solenoid valve needs a large current (about 400mA), and there are OLED screen and RGB lights on the motherboard, the solenoid valve will not work under the USB2.0 interface, and the RGB brightness needs to be lowered to work under the USB3.0 interface (1000mA) .
  • It is recommended to only adjust the lighting effect and brightness, and lower the brightness under the white light, otherwise the keyboard will not work due to insufficient power supply of the computer interface. It may be improved if it is plugged into an interface above USB3.0 port.